Vinegar Flats Farm, (Formally Urban Eden Farm) is a local, traditional CSA farm. We're  located a little over 3 miles from downtown Spokane, WA in a neighborhood that advocates for the conservation of historical farmland within the city limits. By becoming our CSA member you support this endeavor and small, local agriculture.

C.S.A. Membership Enrollment

Directly Support small local organically grown agriculture by joining our C.S.A. Your Membership gives us the monetary support we need to keep farming. We give you a share of our bounty from mid-June through mid October, and the opportunity to see small, local agriculture working! Missed getting a spot in our CSA? Find us at the Downtown Spokane Farmer's Market on Saturdays through October 8am - 1pm. Located by 5th & Browne Streets

Winter Storage & Bulk Sale SATURDAY 11/13

Saturday, November 13, 9am - 1pm Don't forget to bring your reusable bags. Beets, Carrots, Squash, Radish, Greens, and more for your winter celebration food!


Local, organically grown produce for Chefs

Stay updated with what's available for your seasonal entrees! Contact us at vinegarflatsfarm@gmail.com

Farm Events & Volunteer Info

Join us for volunteer days, Open House day, CSA Events and more.

Events & Volunteer Info