Do you have U-Pick?   No

When does the CSA start?   We generally start mid-June and start date is weather dependent.

Is what you grow organically grown?   Yes, we only use organic methods and are in the process of becoming organically certified.

What day is C.S.A. pick up?   Tuesday from 4pm to 6:00pm at the farm

What if I can't make pick up?   Have a friend or a neighbor pick up your share, or feel free to let us know you wish to donate your share to a volunteer or a food bank.

Do you have after hours pick up?   Contact us so we can arrange something.   vinegarflatsfarm@gmail.com

What if I don't like something in my share?   You can leave it, or share it with another member, but hopefully you'll find away to become a fan.

Do you deliver?   Yes, but email us at vinegarflatsfarm@gmail.com to find out if you are in a delivery area. 2021 CSA Season delivery price is $100.00

How long has your farm run a C.S.A.?   We've been a CSA farm for almost 10 years.

I couldn't get a place in your C.S.A. do you have a waiting list? Yes, email us at vinegarflatsfarm@gmail.com and we'll put you on!

Can I bring my dog to the farm? As long as you pick up it's poop, and keep your dog away and off any produce growing areas. We have plenty of wild spaces for happy dogs!

How much food is in a half share? A half share is good for someone who is introducing themselves to vegetables. Half share members pick up a full share every other week.

How much food is in a full share? Enough for a vegetable enthusiast couple and or a family of four.  Our shares are built so there is the perfect weekly amount of vegetables that doesn't overwhelm our members. 

Can I volunteer? Yes, for more info go to the volunteer page

Do you sell produce in Bulk? Yes, contact us at vinegarflatsfarm@gmail.com Come to our Winters storage & Bulk Sale Saturday November 13, 9am - 1pm